Reverse Engineering Money

We reveal to you how other online businesses make money.

Every month we release a Reverse Engineering Money magazine issue starting in July 2017.
In each issue we focus on a specific object, industry or social network and dissect many existing and active businesses.
We figure out how these are making money and reveal their tactics.
This information allows you to learn from others and gather up inspiration for your own ventures.

Shipping worldwide.
Estimated delivery 3 – 7 business days (US and EU),
and 7 – 14 days for Asia and other regions.

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Issue 01, July 2017 – Pinterest

We explore the image-sharing social network “Pinterest” and show you how
businesses and even ordinary people are using it to make a living.
We reverse engineer and reveal their strategies to show you how it’s done.

16 pages, 14 pages of content (without covers).

Sales opening soon.

Issue 02, August 2017 – Instagram

We look at the ultra popular social network “Instagram” and investigate how businesses use it to their advantage.
We reverse engineer how smart marketers operate and how even ordinary people can make big money.

Release in August